The Beginning

The first time I met Gabe I actually was interviewing to be his tutor at WashU. We met at a Starbucks in Clayton along with his friend Pooja. Gabe, never one for awkward encounters, broke the ice with one of his classics- “Hey man don’t be offended but you’re really tall.”

And that’s Gabe- he tells it like it is. Fast forward just a matter of weeks and we were hanging out socially on a regular basis. Four years later he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever made. He’s everything you would want in a friend- he’s loyal, he’s compassionate, he has exciting interests, and he challenges you. That last characteristic is perhaps the most important one. Too many of my past relationships have seriously lacked in that regard. With Gabe, though, every interaction leaves you with a new insight on life. Whether it is something he directly says, or just the sheer process of seeing him overcome obstacles on a daily basis without ever complaining, Gabe is by far the most grounding force in my life.

I hope in directing this film that I’m able to capture the essence of Gabe, and share his story in a way that will affect viewers similarly to the way that Gabe has affected me. I look forward to bringing you all along this awesome journey with me.