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Thanks for checking out the official website for the upcoming feature length documentary, Gabe. The Restless team is very excited to share the inspiring true story of Gabe Weil with the world. Gabe has muscular dystrophy, the umbrella term for a number of hereditary diseases in which muscle loss and weakness progress over time. In the four years that I have personally known him, no one has had a bigger impact on my life than Gabe. If this film can share some of that inspiration with others, then it will have accomplished its main goal. Please be sure to look at our kickstarter page to see how you can get involved and help the production move forward.

Luke Terrell, Director


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Discover more about the  film, it's inception, Gabe, and the talented and committed team that help make this all possible.  

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This has been an exciting journey for everyone involved and we have a long way to go!  See some musings and thoughts from our Director, Luke Terrell.